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QRU Frequently Asked Questions

Luggage Tag

4”x 6” postcard

Post it Reminder

QRU Action items:

Barcodes can generate multiple action items:

Call a number

Send SMS  using a template

Send Email using a template

Open YouTube videos.

This action item will open a facetime video call to a user.

This action item will open a skype video or voice call to a skype user.

This action item opens a facebook chat session with a user.

This action item opens the user’s ‘tweeter page where you can follow him or her.

This action item transfer control to WhatsApp for sending messages or calling.

Give Map directions to a particular place (coordinates) using Apple Maps

Give Map directions to a particular place (postal address) using Apple Maps

Give Map directions to a particular place (coordinates) using Google Maps

Give Map directions to a particular place (postal address) using Google Maps

Open Websites  

Add a contact to the address book

Add an Event to the calendar

Match and play music.

(Note: It needs to exist in your Media Library)

Sets an alarm and a local notification.

Read the QR Postcard Message. The message may contain 9 other concurrent action items.

UPC Code/ EAN 13 (GS1 13) ISBN 13. All these currently scan as EAN 13. QRU will currently lookup the codes in

Non-Action items:

These items scan and reveal the contents but currently do not result in any active action by QRU!

A Text Note which you can read

Reveal Password

IOS Wifi interface do not allow connection via app. but you can scan them and it will help you somewhat through cut and paste.

Formatted Instructions. which you can print

The emergency information card is bundled with phone and SMS action items to the next of kin, tapping the icon however is still passive and will reveal the emergency information card and relevant medical information.

The app is already equipped to forward the card to a hospital emergency unit via email or through a shared cloud based utility such as Evernote or Dropbox.

There are of course possibly more efficient ways to use this which we can explore with interested parties.

Barcode types :

In 1973, industry leaders in the US recognized a need for standard barcodes it resulted in UPC (Universal Product Code). over the past 40 years the movement is already global, it expanded beyond product codes, to tracking shipping containers and everything along the trade supply line. The organization that currently handles this is a global non profit organization called GS1. GS1 has a web based lookup service, unfortunately it is not mobile friendly. We are closely monitoring changes in their service  to see if we can incorporate it in the product as soon as available.

EAN (GS1/GTIN) 8 Barcodes

DataBar barcode

I 2/5 barcode


Code 39 barcode


Code 93 barcode


Code 128 barcode

  Generic QR Codes that do not contain any identified action item.

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