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Dacapo Music

Are music  notation software focused on the mobile phone and  tablet platforms. So you can bring your music anywhere! 


QRU makes printable items with QR Codes such as posters, name cards, post cards ,badges and many more. These are things you can share by email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and other 3rd party apps such as Dropbox or Evernote. 

It has facilities to color and match the tones of your images, text and QR Codes. The gesture capability allow you to layout your documents within minutes. 

It creates 21 distinct types of QR Code content which can be mixed and matched, used in the printable items or produced stand alone.  It reads  QR Codes and around 12 types of 1D barcodes such as the GS1 EAN, UPC, ISBN, Databar, Code 39,93,128 and more.  QRU HD produce colored QR Codes. 

This is a web facility to  create and sign iOS Passbook passes to complement the QRU Medical Emergency Information (MEI) and the QRU name card.

These passes are compatible with the Apple Passbook app and an app in Android called Passwallet. The QR Code Card in the Name Card pass is a generic MeCard with optional extensions for Facetime and Skype video calls. The Medical Emergency Information format is published in the QR Code wiki. It is meant to facilitate Hospital, Clinic, emergency treatment admission.

These passes will be generated in the QRU Apps in the next release.

These passes are currently free please use them!


Da Capo (D.C.) is a musical term to restart from the beginning. These sets of Apps are a joy to make  and use.

Privacy Statement

daCapo Apps and Products do not collect any information from the users of its apps.

However, our apps do file sharing extensively and can interchange data with any other app that can handle data objects such as DropBox, Evernote, and iTunes File Sharing.  Moreover we have interfaces to Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

We have designed sharing features for your convenience but we cannot be responsible for any collection of information and disclosure that the other apps may be doing.

Support Information:

The software is provided on an AS-IS basis. Please feel free to contact us for any question, feedback and suggestions. We will be happy to work on it so long as the benefit of doing so are clear and financially viable. This website contains  information required to use the products effectively including Quick Start Guides, Tutorials and FAQ. Moreover the apps themselves have information and help available in almost all the pages using the info button.

If you still have questions or inquiries that the pages in the website does not address please feel free to Send me an email


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