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About us:

We are a small Mom and Pop operation. We are Filipino immigrants trying to make it in SIngapore. Mom is a music Teacher and Pop is a Software Engineer.

The major daCapo Apps  product lines are the daCapo the  music score App and QRU a personal barcode utility that creates A0 Posters, Name Cards, luggage Tags, Badges and (over 20 types of) QR Codes.

The music themed novelty products are bags, 3rd party items, costumes,  as well as actual live teaching aids used by my wife to teach music to children.

The products particularly the bags make a delightful gifts for her students and colleagues.  They are made of heavy canvass, satin accents, and quilted with fibre filling. The Menu on top links to our full catalogue that describes them in more detail.

daCapo  apps & products can be contacted by email. We would like to be of service and are open to are open to  anything that make sense.


Latest News:

Product and Custom Design:

In as much as there are always better ways to teach Children what they need to learn, Teaching Aids used  will change and grow as well . We will generally post products that were effectively used in music lessons.

We are also open to custom made designs and will be more than happy to call back and discuss these to ensure best value and quality.

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New Web facility to create and sign QRU Passbook Passes is available.   These passes are free. Get them here: QRU Passbook Passes. See the Apps Page for more information!

New versions of the apps for iOS 7 are forthcoming,

Check our latest products QRU HD 1.0 for the iPad, QRU 2.2, and QRU Mini 2.2. Available in the App Store.